lefa empowering communities

Lefa, a Sotho word meaning “Legacy” or “Inheritance,

Lefa is a cooperative focused on empowering communities with affordable access to online education and skills programs that will lead to meaningful participation in the Digital Economy.

The associated programs are 4IR centric and enabled by corporate partners to help:

  • Bridge the digital divide
  • Reduce the digital inequality gap
  • Create income streams through shared value partnerships

Our Background,

Most of our township schools lack the ICT infrastructure, human resource capacity, skills and tools to provide education that can prepare our learners for the current 4th industrial revolution and the digital economy. However, we know that such educational programs and related content are freely available online. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of data and smart devices in our country most of our communities cannot afford access to such content that is freely available on the internet. All of this tragically means that most of our children will become even less employable or skilled enough to start their own businesses in this new digital economy.

About Us

Lefa is cooperative focused on empowering communities through driven incentives. 

Business Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am to 4pm
Saturday: 8am to 1pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Public Holiday: CLOSED

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson

Education extends beyond the development of skills, it is a stepping stone to a dream. Contribute to a childs future, investing in their education today! 

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