About Us

Lefa, a Sotho word meaning "Legacy" or "Inheritance"


Lefa is cooperative focused on empowering communities through an incentives driven membership program where member id’s are linked to a telkom number.

the associated programs are industry 4.0 centric and enabled by corporate partners to help:

  • bridge the digital divide
  • reduce the digital inequality gap
  • create income streams and value unlocked through participation.

Telkom Group and its other corporate partners want to partner with schools districts.

Main objective:

Provide educators, SGBs, parents & learners access to online education content and related educational apps at lower cost by offering:

1. special data offer for schools through this  campaign
2. up to 4% ongoing cashback to schools fundraising on all telkom product spend
3. discount on airtime across all networks through smartcall partnership
4. smart devices at wholesale prices
5. free access to maths and science support program (content translated to local languages)
6. zero data rate for access to above program
7. free access to kooluma schools instant messaging app (similar to whatsapp)
8. free digital skills programs – coding, internet safety, entrepreneurship, basics of computing powered by other ict partners
9. special campaign – 1st 5 schools to achieve 100% participation to receive 20 free laptops per school for education support

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