Dear Educator

We would like to invite you to apply for our Virtual Educator-Led Experiences program for 2022.The program involves the provision of online tutoring support to learners across various grades and core subjects. This is part of two fast-growing national initiatives by the National Education Collaboration Trust called WOZA Matrics and Tswelopele programs (see These are interventions designed to address the need for remote learning support amongst learners across the country. The primary aim is to assist them with ongoing revision and exam preparation.

Since 2014 our organization Lefa Cooperative Ltd has been actively involved with many township-based and rural area schools and NPOs, mobilizing communities to take advantage of the power of the internet to support learners with digital skills and accessing online educational content to help them with homework and assignments at home.

We would like to invite you to be one of the select facilitators that will have the opportunity to lead online revision sessions as part of our VELLE program delivery towards the initiatives mentioned above.

What will be required from you as a lead facilitator is to successfully complete this free Unisa e-tutoring course:

Details of the course

As part of the Unisa Open Learning (UOL) programme, we have a short learning course called: BTODEL1 – Basics of E-Tutoring in an ODeL Environment. This course focuses on core skills that are needed to be online tutors, from pedagogy, to online communication. While the course speaks directly to the Unisa context, your programme facilitators will benefit from the generic skills. As an institution we pride ourselves on building our communities, and hence such collaboration speaks to this vision of engaged scholarship.

Teaching Approach: This is an instructor-led short course. We will start the course officially on 15 November 2021 and end on 10 December 2021. This is a 4-week bootcamp. I normally add an extra week to be flexible and accommodate those that might need a bit more time to process the information and submit their assessments.

Compulsory Webinars: We will host a “compulsory” webinar every Tuesday from 6pm-7:30pm for the duration of the boot camp. Our first webinar is on Tuesday 16 November 2021. These webinars will be on MS TEAMS. These webinars will discuss the content of the training, with the intention of providing you with the additional level of support needed. You will also have an opportunity to engage with fellow peers.

  1. Course Content: This is an online course, you will find the course content on the Unisa Open Learning portal. See attachment on how to enroll for the course and access the content.
  2. Assessment: You have 4 short assignments and 1 portfolio activity as part of the assessment. We have reduced the assessments so that it fits within the four weeks.
  3. Certificate: You will receive a short learning course certificate once successfully completed with the course. Further information will be communicated on this.
  4. Costs: There are no costs for this course. The platform where the course is hosted is also 0-rated data. This means that you need a little data to connect, but once on the platform you will not be charged.
  5. Community of Practice: We will setup a voluntary Community of Practice (CoP) to assist with the learning process. For affordability, we opted for WhatsApp. However, this is voluntary! You can join the CoP using the following link:

To start, please create your account on the Unisa Open Learning Platform, access the course BTODEL1 and get started with the content. Remember while it works on a mobile device, best experience is on a laptop/ desktop.

Details of the program and incentive structure for facilitators will be communicated to successful candidates by January 2022.

  1. Complete the registration for the Unisa BTODEL1 as per attached instructions
  2. Click this link to apply for Velle 2022 program today
  3. Email your CV to / Attach it below:

Instructions to register for Unisa Unisa BTODEL1 course

Step 01: Go to the Unisa Open Learning portal using the following link:

Click New Account

Step 02: Create your account. You can create your own username and password. Make sure you record it somewhere so that you do not forget this. It will stay the same and not change. Once completed, click anywhere on the blank screen and then click “Create Account”.

Step 03:  Click on Membership

Step 04: Click on JOINABLE SITES.

Step 05: Search for BTODEL1 and click JOIN.

Step 06: Click “MY CURRENT SITES” and you will see BTODEL1 that you now enrolled for.

Step 07: Click BTODEL1 and you will now have full access to the course.


Job Type: Freelance

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